Education Policy

Since our founding, OneAmerica has been dedicated to improving education to ensure equity and quality for all students and building an educational system that is reflective of our asset-rich and very diverse demographic. The faces of our classrooms are changing – in fact, Washington State ranks tenth in diversity in the U.S. and is among 12 states with the highest English language learner (ELL) student enrollment.   

OneAmerica’s members, who have sacrificed so much for their children to have access to better opportunities and education, have identified education improvements as a top priority area. As a result, OneAmerica works to create a stronger, more equitable education system, from cradle to career through a variety of efforts including state policy change, regional collective impact strategies, parent engagement, and increased community voice in education decision making and systems-building.

Through all of these efforts, OneAmerica demonstrates the ways we are closing the opportunity gap and improving education systems so all of our state’s children succeed and thrive.

Parent Engagement

Parent Engagement







Early Learning

Early Learning







Education Advocacy






The Road Map Project ELL Work Group

Road Map Project - ELL Work Group







Speak Your Language!

Click Above to find a link to a one-pager with key messages around the importance of home language development that can be shared with parents.

World Language Credit Program

Watch a video to learn more about our education work highlights! OneAmerica worked closely with education allies through the Road Map Project to promote and expand the World Language Credit Program, which grants students in several Washington State school districts up to four competency-based credits toward high school graduation for demonstrating proficiency in another language. This innovative and inspirational approach is captured in this video made possible with generous support from the Road Map Project and produced by Quantum Productions, Inc.


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