KDNO: Congressman Luis Gutierrez Addresses Yakima on Immigration Reform


A shocking 11 million people are being affected by up and coming immigration reform. 

President Obama's relief program has been on hold since last year, but the hope is still alive for many.  

Representative Luis Gutierrez is building up the movement locally right in our backyard.

He's been referred to as the national leader on comprehensive immigration reform. 

Community members and state leaders are showing their support, as part of an effort to build a movement for immigrant and refugee rights in Yakima.

We are honored to have a leader with us that is making it happen. That's making it happen in this nation," said Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney, former representative in Washington. 

Drawing from personal experience, as the son of Puerto Rican immigrants, Congressman Gutierrez is passionate about sharing his message.

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