President Trump Ends the DACA Program: Important Resources

On September 5, 2017 US Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the DACA program would be ended.

Statement from OneAmerica:

“By cancelling the DACA program, President Trump has reneged on a promise made to hundreds of thousands of American youth who arrived here as children. There seems to be no limit to the cruelty of this administration or its willingness to pander to white supremacists. Tomorrow, millions of families will awaken to an uncertain future, not knowing whether they will be torn away from their loved ones or expelled from their home.

“The fight to protect our youth and families continues, as Americans realize the impact of this decision on America’s character, economy, families and communities. The promise of America is so much stronger than any attempt to undermine it. With President Trump once again demonstrating his lack of moral authority, the resistance to his racist and nativist agenda will only grow.

“Together, we will ensure that every person knows their rights, and we will join with thousands more to organize, protest, and fight to make sure that no American has to fear being torn away from their family. We will look again to the courts to uphold some semblance of justice, as we move forward on our work to energize our communities to naturalize, to make their voices heard and to vote. And we will demand action by our congressional representatives, particularly those Republicans who have talked about their support for undocumented youth, but who have thus far failed this test of their own leadership by not standing up to this President and demanding immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship that leaves no family behind.”

Top five things to know about the DACA announcement from the National Immigrant Legal Center and United We Dream:

1. Your DACA is valid until its expiration date. DACA and work permits (employment authorization documents) will remain valid until their expiration date. To determine when your DACA and work permit expire, check your I-795 Approval Notice and the bottom of your employment authorization document (EAD).

2. No new DACA applications will be accepted. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will not accept or process first-time applications for DACA after September 5, 2017.

3. If you already have DACA and want to renew it: DACA issuances and work permits that expire between now and March 5, 2018, must be submitted for renewal by October 5, 2017. If you have a work permit that will expire between now and March 5, 2018, and you want to renew it, you must apply for a two-year renewal of your DACA by October 5, 2017.

4. Advance parole to travel abroad is no longer available. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will no longer grant DACA recipients permission to travel abroad through advance parole. Any pending applications for advance parole will not be processed, and DHS will refund any associated fees.

5. We are united in this fight. You are not alone. We mobilized, organized, and marched five years ago for DACA, and we will continue to do everything in our power to protect immigrant youth and their families across the country. Visit for resources to help you and your loved ones take care of yourselves in this difficult time, as well as information on what you can do to take action now.

Important Resources and Information:

Further information on how to protect undocumented immigrant youth is available at
The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project issued this advisory to DACA recipients in Washington State responding to the President’s Announcement.

For national analysis and resources on DACA, check out the Immigrant Legal Resource Center and the National Immigration Law Center.

Resources for students and educators are available from the K-12 Coalition to Protect Undocumented Students.

Use the rapid response and emergency hotline tools developed for the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network.

National Immigration Law Center has resources about DACA and Employment.

In collaboration with the Washington Dream Coalition, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project is holding a series of clinics for DACA recipients and their loved ones to ask questions. Find one near you!

The City of Seattle is maintaining a list of Seattle-area events, that can be found here.

Be sure to check out the City of Seattle’s Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs for updates!

Related Developments:

Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s statement on rescission of DACA.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson vows to take legal action to protect DACA recipients.

Washington’s Democratic Congressional Delegation urges President Trump to reconsider decision on DACA.

The King County Council passes legislation in support of DACAmented youth. King County Executive issues statement on DACA.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray issues statement on DACA rescission, and announces $150,000 in new City funds to support legal services for DACAmented youth.

Washington’s Republican Members of Congress issued separate statements on DACA: McMorris Rodgers, Herrera Beutler, Reichert, Newhouse.

For regular updates go to the OneAmerica Facebook and Twitter Feeds.

Coverage of the Seattle Rally:

Click here to view the emergency rally and press conference in Seattle organized by the Washington Dream Coalition and OneAmerica with support from the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network, hosted by El Centro de la Raza and featuring DACAmented youth and their parents, community leaders, educators, faith leaders, business and labor leaders, and elected officials, including Lieutenant Governor Cyrus Habib, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Seattle Councilmember Lorena Gonzalez, and more.

And see some converage from Seattle Weekly, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Stranger, and King 5,

Coverage of additional events in Yakima and Vancouver, WA:

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