OneAmerica Condemns Trump’s Abuse of Executive Power

Today President Trump announced his plans to sign a flawed compromise bill in order to prevent a government shutdown, and then declared a false ‘national emergency’ at the Southern border. There is no national emergency at the southern border other than the humanitarian crisis of the President’s own making. The president’s intent to circumvent the will of Congress – and of the majority of Americans – is an abuse of executive power that will surely be challenged in the Courts. For the President to claim potentially limitless power to utilize the military to build a border wall raises significant concerns over the victimization of communities and the abuse of basic human rights of border communities – and racial and religious minorities.

This abuse of power cannot go unanswered, and this power play must be stopped, particularly coming from a man like Trump. All Americans must act to defend our democracy. We call on our courts, Congress and most of all the American people to hold the President to account for his disrespect of our democratic institutions and basic human rights.

Yesterday, Congress passed a compromise funding bill unacceptable to immigrant communities. By funding more detention beds and enforcement, the bill fuels an out of control ICE agency to pursue family separations and needless incarceration. It fails to hold accountable the Customs and Border Patrol agency for ripping children from their families and then lacking the wherewithal to reunite them. By even partially funding a version of Trump’s racist and unnecessary wall (in this bill, it’s ‘pedestrian fencing’), this bill feeds his administration’s xenophobic, white nationalist agenda.

We appreciate the hard work of our grassroots community leaders and allies in Congress to mitigate the negative impact of this bill and to minimize investments in the border wall. The stakes for immigrant communities and our Democracy continue to rise because of this President’s anti-democratic crusade against immigrants and communities of color.

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