Two pro-immigrant bills need your support NOW!

Even with the snow storm last week, OneAmerica has been moving our state legislative priorities to better the lives of immigrants by ensuring Washington remains a state where immigrants can thrive and prosper.

On Valentine’s day, OneAmerica parent leader Hodon Bulale traveled to Olympia with her son, Tariq. Hodon, a Somali immigrant, is raising Tariq to speak English and Somali, their family’s language. She is striving to help him see his multicultural background as an asset and as a way for him to connect better with his world.

Hodon is fighting for bilingual education bill that expands funding for bilingual classrooms from early learning all the way through high school.

Just a day before, SeaTac business owner and OneAmerica leader Tawfik Maudah made the same journey to Olympia. He’s lived in this country for twenty years, and has personally seen immigration enforcement rip families apart in his community, making people afraid to call 911 in an emergency.

He fought for Keep Washington Working, a bill that protects the privacy and civil liberties of Washington residents by prohibiting law enforcement from asking about immigration status and working with an out-of-control ICE agency.

Hodon, Tawfik. and the OneAmerica community need your help to pass these important and historic bills. Will you fight with them by sending a letter to your legislators amplifying their voices?

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