OneAmerica Shares Their 2018 Annual Report

We are proud to announce that our 2018 Annual Report is here! Click here to view it today and continue reading for a reflection about what we accomplished together from our Executive Director, Rich Stolz.

With your support, in 2018 OneAmerica led a moral and political wave in Washington State that mobilized thousands against the President’s policy of family separation, passed groundbreaking policies to protect immigrant families in Seattle and King County, swept the most diverse state legislature in Washington history into office, and shifted leadership in the United States House of Representatives to Democratic control as a check on the President’s power. Together, we built an inspirational and effective resistance, countering the xenophobic policies and rhetoric targeting immigrants and refugees coming from the White House.

OneAmerica doubled down on community organizing and grassroots leadership, affirming our shared belief that those most impacted by injustice are best equipped to shape their own liberation and solve problems that impact all of us. We went a step farther, putting this belief
into action by establishing a grassroots leadership council of immigrants and refugees making key organizational decisions. We elected leaders
from our own communities to office. And after five years of organizing, we passed the Washington Voting Rights Act, a ground-breaking, nation-leading policy to reform our election systems to ensure more equitable representation across Washington State.

We dedicate 2018 to a dear friend, OneAmerica’s former Director of Organizing David Ayala. When David passed away in October many people stepped forward to share their own stories about how his authentic leadership, heartfelt compassion and fierce love of justice drew them into the movement for immigrant rights and the OneAmerica community. Our response to injustice and abuse of power, consistent with David’s legacy, must always be centered in our faith in each other to rise to the occasion, to overcome our fears and limitations and make the impossible, possible.

Thank you for being a part of our movement, today and every day, as we continue to fight for justice.

Rich Stolz, OneAmerica Executive Director

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