Take the pledge to take action during the 2020 Legislative Session

Washington State’s Legislative Session begins on January 13th and with only 60 days, every action counts. Take the pledge today to contact your legislators throughout this year’s legislative session to ensure Washington leads the way in supporting and defending our immigrant communities.

OneAmerica will be supporting these legislative bills this year:

  1. Passing Bilingual Education legislation to invest in and expand dual and heritage language programming to close the opportunity gap facing students of color in early learning and K-12.
  2. Passing Early Learning legislation that strengthens and expands access to culturally appropriate, multi-lingual, high quality child care and early learning opportunities.
  3. Enacting and funding an expanded Working Families Tax Credit that recognizes contribution of WA immigrants to our economy and puts money back in the pocket of vulnerable members of our community.
  4. End Private Prisons in Washington State in partnership with a coalition of powerful human rights organizations from across Washington State, led by La Resistencia.
  5. Supporting a budget that empowers immigrant and refugee communities! 

Make your voice heard this 2020 legislative session by pledging to contact your legislators to ensure immigrants and refugees thrive in Washington state. Are you in? 

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