POSTPONED: 2020 OneAmerica Annual Celebration

Like you, we’ve been closely watching developments with coronavirus (COVID-19). This is an unprecedented time, and our hearts go out to everyone that’s been impacted by this pandemic, particularly those who’ve lost their lives and their loved ones who are now dealing with that loss. We also recognize the real harm this is causing to individuals, businesses and organizations as the impacts hit all of us. It’s up to every one of us to be a part of the solution and to keep each other safe, and we take that seriously.

To keep our OneAmerica family and the broader community safe, we have rescheduled the Annual Celebration to Friday, November 13, 2020 at the Westin in light of increasing Coronavirus cases in our region. 


All tickets, sponsorships and table purchases are fully transferable to this new date. If you are no longer able to attend and wish to donate your ticket to help a OneAmerica leader attend or receive a refund, please contact We regret that some members of our community may no longer be able to attend due to the date change. If you’re a ticket purchaser who is no longer able to attend, we would love to put your ticket to good use subsidizing the cost of our leaders who aren’t able to purchase a ticket. That would make your ticket a fully tax-deductible donation. Alternatively, we are able to offer ticket refunds.

Rescheduling this event protects community health and will put us in a stronger position to raise resources for our work to build power for our communitiesHolding a well-attended Celebration that folks can attend without fear and be in community is our goal.

This decision does come at a cost for OneAmerica at a time when our work is critical. This includes work building power to keep families together and out of the hands of an out-of-control ICE agency, improving our education system to better serve the needs of our bilingual families, supporting DACA youth whose ability to work is in doubt, and responding to the administration’s near-constant attacks on our communities and our values. If you’re able to support OneAmerica in the interim, you’ll be helping us stay the course on key issues. Make a gift today.

Thank you for understanding and be a part of our community. See you in November!

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