OneAmerica denounces U.S. Capitol Attacks, Calls to Invoke 25th Amendment or Impeachment to Remove Trump from Office

What we saw in our nation’s capital on last Wednesday was absolutely despicable, but not surprising. It was the inevitable outcome of a President and far too many in the Republican party who are more than willing to put power before democracy, spread dangerous falsehoods to exploit racism and fear to further divide us, and to undermine our Democracy. Every single one of these people must be held accountable for their actions – including President Trump and the Members of Congress who instigated this violence by lying about the results of the presidential election. It is time to use every legal means necessary to end this dangerous behavior. OneAmerica joins the call to invoke the 25th Amendment or impeachment to remove Trump from office. Every Republican responsible, from the president to Senators, House Members to state legislators, who fed, fueled and fomented these attacks must be removed or resign.

Wednesday’s attack on our Democracy also reflected the societal cancer of white supremacy, white entitlement and the incredible harm it causes. It exposed the vastly different treatment white folks receive at the hands of the law enforcement. Right here at home and across the nation we’ve seen how the largely peaceful protesters for Black Lives were brutalized with tear gas, tasers and abuse. On Wednesday we saw the Confederate flag – the symbol of white supremacy – flying in the halls of Congress. That these demonstrators, who broke windows in the Capitol and stormed the chambers, were treated gently by police and in some cases aided by police who took selfies with them, shows so clearly the disparity between the treatment of white and Black people and people of color. The events last week aren’t singular events, but are a continuation of the push and pull between the struggle for equity and justice for all and the backlash against progress.

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