OneAmerica & Inauguration Day: The Immigration Fight Ahead

What an incredible day for immigrants, refugees, people of color and allies. In the last few days we realized three BIG steps forward that were made possible by Black, Latinx, AAPI & immigrant voters like you who raised our voices, organized, and then took that fight to the ballot box and chose change.

We witnessed the inauguration of President Joe Biden and history-making Vice President Kamala Harris as the first woman of color in the role. Harris’ win is a reflection of what we’ve seen in our state and across the country – women of color are rising to power, lifted by people like us. We also celebrated their historic day one proposal to reach #FreedomTogether by building a just immigration system, the most visionary and progressive immigration plan we’ve ever seen from a President. We stand resolved in our belief that representation, at every level, matters. Finally, we said goodbye and good riddance to the racist ‘Muslim Ban’, an Islamophobic law that OneAmerica had challenged in the courts that separated families and caused long-term harm to many in our community. 

OneAmerica, supported by leaders, allies and donors like you, played a role in each of these wins building our movement to ensure the new president knows that immigration has to be a priority on day one in office. Our sister org OneAmerica Votes mobilized hundreds of volunteer shifts to register, connect with and turn out BIPOC voters while our political action committees, the OneAmerica Votes Justice Fund and Justice for All PAC helped our endorsed candidates run and win. Thanks to you, we never lost sight of our strategic advocacy around a vision for a just immigration system. Your support meant we kept building our power, even in the midst of fighting constant attacks on our community for the last four years.

After all our hard work and the pain these four years have caused, today we see that our vision is winning. Now is the time to begin healing our country and ensuring ALL of our families have the resources they need to survive with a #Roadmap to freedom for ALL. Our voices have been heard – Biden’s day one Immigration proposal is the strongest immigration proposal we’ve seen from a President. It calls for a roadmap to citizenship for the nearly 11 million undocumented people who call this country home, with no false choices around funding border enforcement and an out of control ICE agency that fuels immigrant detention, incarceration and family separation. More good news came through executive actions – stopping the construction of the racist border wall and an immediate stop to most deportations.

This week we also anticipate even more good news that we’ve been organizing towards for years. We hope (and will fight) to see DACA reinstated and to reunite children separated from their families. It won’t be easy to enact our vision to create a just immigration system from the ashes of a system that was never made for us. A lot of damage has been done to our communities and our democracy, and Congress is closely divided. Trump may be gone, but Trumpism, anti-immigrant sentiment, and the scourge of white supremacy remains. 

We can’t look to the past for our answers. The immigration system we have now wasn’t made for us – it was founded on white supremacy to divide and exclude. Our vision is for a new home that has yet to be, and through organizing and clarity of vision we will build it together. Our historic wins in the last few days mean we’re a few steps closer to home and solidifies what we already knew – we can make the road home only through organizing and action. 

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