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Varisha Khan, center, of the Muslim committee at OneAmerica in Seattle, leads a chant during a protest Tuesday by the Washington chapter of Council on American–Islamic Relations and others upset by the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold Trump’s travel ban. (Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)

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10/4/2019: Local immigration enforcement official asks repeal of sanctuary policies (Kiro 7)

9/28/2019: Politics workshop empowers women to get in campaign shape (Kiro 7)

8/22/2019: Immigrant advocates warn of dire consequences of ending child detention limits (KTSM)

8/14/2019: Washington among 13 states suing Trump administration on penalizing immigrants using public benefits (The Seattle Times)

8/12/2019: Trump officials move to deny green cards, citizenship, path to citizenship for poor immigrants (The Seattle Times)

7/31/2019: GOP lawmaker proposing that undocumented immigrants be eligible for FL driver’s licenses (Florida Phoenix)

7/14/2019: Piden cautela ante anuncio de redadas en varias ciudades (El Sol De Yakima)

7/12/2019: Community tensions arise over how to fix Seattle’s police accountability system (The Daily)

7/11/2019: Vigil to highlight abuses at border (Camas-Washougal Post-Record)

7/11/2019: Anti-ICE protests planned for downtown Seattle Thursday (My Northwest)

7/8/2019: VIDEO: New technology reportedly being used to track down undocumented people (KIRO 7)

7/3/2019: EDITORIAL: The Census citizenship question (Northwest Asian Weekly)

7/2/2019: Civil rights heroes to be honored in Houston by NEA (Houston Chronicle)

6/28/2019: Líderes aplauden decisión de la Corte Suprema sobre pregunta de ciudadanía en el censo (El Sol de Yakima)

6/28/2019: Yakima Valley leaders applaud high court decision on census, but say fear still exists (Yakima Herald)

6/21/2019: Dozens of community organizations pressuring city on police accountability measures (Q13 Fox)

6/14/2019: New PAC plans to fight ‘hostile takeover’ of Seattle City Council by business lobby (Seattle Times)

6/11/2019: A deep pocket warns of ‘deep pocketed business interests’ in Seattle City Council race (SeattlePi)

6/6/2019: Seattle Inches Forward on Surveillance Tech Oversight (Government Technology)

6/4/2019: Seattle’s oversight of surveillance technology is moving forward slowly (Seattle Times)

5/23/19: Yakima law enforcement can’t question, notify ICE about person’s immigration status (KIMA)

5/22/19: Yakima Council starts process to rescind E-Verify requirement for contracts (Yakima Herald)

5/16/19: ICE flights continue in Yakima with more people picked up Tuesday (Yakima Herald)

5/16/19: A DACA recipient is hopeful and plans to run for Yakima City Council (YakTriNews)

5/14/2019: Some people living “in fear” as ICE flights continue in Yakima (Katu)

5/1/2019: Yakima will gather for “Fighting for Justice and Dignity for all” march (NBC)

3/25/19: Seattle Census Task Force (Northwest Asian Weekly)

3/21/19: Se preparan para Día de la 
Ciudadanía en Yakima (El Sol de Yakima)

3/20/19: Now is the time to Clean Up Washington’s air (Real Change News)

3/12/2019: Working Families Tax Credit will help low-income people make ends meet (Yakima Herald)

2/27/19: Citizenship status could be added to anti-discrimination law under Washington bill (Spokesman Review)

2/23/19: Immigrant Coalition Speaks Out Against Trump’s Abuse of Power (Runta News)

2/22/19: Casa Latina fue anfitriona de un rally en contra de lo que llamaron abuso de poder de parte del presidente Trump. (Univision)

2/15/19: Bill Would Add Immigration, Citizenship to Anti-Discrimination Law (Columbia Basin Herald)

2/15/19: Immigration or Citizenship Status Could Be Added to Anti-Discrimination Law Under Proposed Legislation (The Daily Chronicle)

1/19/19: Seattle “Dreamer” and WA State Congressman respond to Trump’s proposal to end shutdown (Q13)

1/17/19: SeaTac Council rejects One America criticism, defends appointment of Tombs (SeaTac Blog)

1/17/19: SeaTac immigrant community ‘shocked and disappointed’ by council member pick (Westside Seattle)

1/8/19: The Truth About Bilingualism: It’s Only for Some Students (Education Week)

12/11/18: Community vigil planned for SeaTac City Council member and community leader (Westside Seattle)

11/16/18: Homeland Security Seeks Comments on Immigration Policy Changes (Seattle Globalist)

11/14/18: Hate Crimes on the Rise (Kiro7)

11/13/18: Hate crimes double in Seattle; community reacts (Crosscut)

11/7/18: Immigrant-advocacy group celebrates diverse collection of House winners (Q13 Fox)

8/12/18: As Trump considers penalties, Seattle-area immigrants turn down public benefits they’re entitled to claim (Seattle Times)

8/1/18: Trump promised exceptions to the travel ban. A new lawsuit says it isn’t so (Crosscut)

6/27/18: Supreme Court’s decision on travel ban hits home in Seattle (Seattle Times)

6/26/18: Gov. Jay Inslee, immigration-rights advocates blast Supreme Court travel ban ruling as ‘abhorrent’ (Seattle Times)

6/26/18: Seattle rallies to #StandWithMuslims as SCOTUS upholds Trump’s travel ban (Seattle Globalist)

6/16/18: Immigrants losing protected status attend free legal workshop in Seattle (King5)

2/23/18: Immigrants pump billions into Washington’s economy, report says (KUOW)

2/9/18: Tukwila officers turn immigrant over to ICE after he called them for help. Was that legal? (Seattle Times)

1/22/18: Participants in Seattle women’s march say next step is political action (Seattle Times)

5/19/17: New law would expand dual-language programs — if legislators fund it (Seattle Times)

5/8/17: Donald Trump Aims To Fast-Track Biometric Scanning At Airports (Huffington Post)

4/11/17: Will Washington State be first in taxing greenhouse gases? (InvestigateWest)

3/11/17: Mayor Denis Law and community leaders release statements about alleged hate crime (Renton Reporter)

3/2/17: Seattle sets up new anti-bias hotline (King5)

2/10/17: The Carbon Tax Debate Isn’t Going Away. What Would the Ideal Bill Look Like? (YES! Magazine)

1/30/17: What does Trump’s action on sanctuary cities mean for Seattle? Here’s what we know. (Seattle Times)

1/23/17: After a detention, DACA recipients live in fear (Crosscut)

1/12/17: Democratic lawmakers look to protect data for immigrants, refugees in Trump era (Seattle Times)