Sponsored Projects

OneAmerica is proud to fiscally sponsor these projects led by our immigrant community members, allies, and leaders. 


OneAmerica Voice Radio (KQWZ 106.5 FM) is a low-power, community-owned radio station serving immigrant and refugee communities. It fills a need for communities that live in the coverage area of South King County, from south Seattle to Kent and in-between. King County is rapidly growing more diverse, with Latino and Somali communities seeing some of the most dramatic growth, but media services have not grown at the same pace. As a result, many of these communities do not have a radio station that provides culturally relevant, in-language programming.                              

Partner with 106.5:

  • Community Forums and Events
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Reach diverse audiences traditional radio cannot reach
  • Education and integration
  • Underwrite and support media led by immigrant communities of color

To underwrite, support or partner with OneAmerica Voice Radio contact station manager Christian Lopez at Christianpz541@gmail.com.

For information on OneAmerica and C3 fiscal sponsorship or to make payment to OneAmerica Radio, contact OneAmerica Development and Communications Manager Robin Engle at robin@weareoneamerica.org.

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Seattle Rideshare Drivers Association (SRDA) was founded on August 13, 2014, following a strike of more than 700 Uber and Lyft drivers in Seattle. The drivers were demanding to get a fair share of their rights from rideshare companies. As a result of the strike, drivers elected a board of 7 member drivers to represent he interests of drivers and talk to rideshare companies.
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VT Radio Universal is a Tacoma based community radio station that transmits music, live shows and showcases the news and stories of their diverse community. OneAmerica hosts monthly radio shows where we talk about the issues impacting our immigrant communities in Washington State.
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