The Yakima County commission is fiscally responsible for a budget of over $9 million dollars.
They make decisions on how tax dollars are allocated which results in a positive or negative impact on the communities of Yakima County.  



(Current Yakima County Commission Pictured Above)


People of color make up over half of the population of Yakima County, and yet, in the entire history of the county commission, we have only ever elected one person who reflects the diversity of our county.

What does this mean for our community? 

  • Decisions on how to spend tax dollars are not truly reflected of the needs of diverse communities.
  • Residents in lower Yakima Valley have been exposed to unsafe water because of the lack of action and enforcement by Yakima County officials.
  • The County Commission oversees the Yakima Health District and is responsible for keeping all of us safe, yet they have ceded their responsibility and left Latinx residents alone and unsafe. Despite Latinx folks making up over half of Yakima residents and farmworkers making up a third of the workforce. Latinx communities are being disproportionately effected by COVID-19 due to the lack of PPE measures in their workplaces. 
  • Communities of color and residents with language barriers do not have equitable access to Yakima County services and officials.
  • From our parks and playgrounds to our roads and community centers, the county's lack of interest in our community's well-being has left us excluded and neglected.

To have a better Yakima, we need a county commission that puts our local farmers, workers, and families first. Not the interests of large donors, big ranchers and mining companies.

Without county commissioners who understand the challenges our community faces, we will never find solutions. This is why we MUST ensure that we are able to elect candidates of our choice to our county commission.


The Yakima County Commission makes important decisions that impact the community. 

  • Authority over building permits, permits for Agriculture and Mining industries, construction and maintenance of parks and public spaces, safety and maintenance of roads, construction and maintenance of our water and sewage systems.
  • Budgeting and distributing funding for roads, transit, housing, environmental protection, public health, and more. 
  • Making zoning policies that affect us all and influence the direction of county government.
  • Appointments to advisory board and committees..
The Washington Voting Rights Act!
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This campaign is led by Yakima County Residents in collaboration with Campaign Legal Center (CLC) , OneAmerica, and More Equitable Democracy.

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