Yakima County- it's time we fight together for a democracy that represents us all, no matter our race, ethnicity or immigration status.

Local democracy is strongest when everyone's voices are heard. We all want whats best for the residents in our county - but unfortunately, we don't all have representation in Yakima County leadership to ensure our needs are represented. Our democracy is not working for communities of color in Yakima even though over half the population of our county are minorities.
Our county commission does not adequately represent us or our needs. It is time we come together as a community and change the system that is excluding the votes and voices of Yakima's communities of color.  Together, we must urge our county commissioners to change the way we elect them by enacting a new voting system that will give more power to voters. Join us today and learn more about what Ranked Choice Voting can mean for Yakima County.

We need a county commission that represents all of our needs. Learn about the current role of county commissioners and why its important we have representation in this role.

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The Washington Voting Rights Act (WVRA) gives us the ability to increase the power and representation of our communities.

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Enacting a Ranked Choice Voting system will give us the power we need to elect leaders that represent our needs, making Yakima better for us all.

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Urge our current Yakima County Commissioners to change our election system that gives us the opportunity to elect a commissioner of our choice.

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This campaign is led by Yakima County Residents in collaboration with Campaign Legal Center (CLC) , OneAmerica, and More Equitable Democracy.

If you  have questions about this campaign, please contact us at