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We are a community of immigrant and refugee young people from different backgrounds and from different parts of King County, who are passionate about immigration, education reform justice, and racial justice. We are committed and driven to act for the dignity and rights of our people. 

We are interested in building bonds with each other in an inclusive and welcoming environment. Our community is one of intersectionality and we recognize the different identities and experiences of our peers. In this safe and brave space, we grow as leaders and as a community.

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I am 19 and currently studying at the University of Washington in Bothell and base-building in Renton. I am working on the #NotOneMoreDollar campaign  because I am a child of immigrants and have seen firsthand the precautions that immigrants take to ensure safety, security, and the future of their families. I’ve also witnessed and been subject to islamophobia and xenophobia, which is part of the reason why OneAmerica was established.

I got involved with OneAmerica after attending a youth community meeting last year!


We generate change by organizing our community and working on national and local campaigns that address issues that we see and experience. To advance our campaigns, we do 1:1s, we cut issues, conduct power analysis and research visits, strategize and plan actions, and develop relationships with our community members,




The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which houses Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Borders Patrol, has been reckless with our money and have used it to tear immigrant families apart. They have taken over $125 billion from FEMA, the federal department to address natural disasters, to fund their efforts to detain and deport immigrants. We are asking that not one dollar be given to DHS! Especially given that we are in a pandemic - no money in the budget must be given to DHS. We are also demanding that our members of congress ask that DHS be held more accountable to their spending and that they have systems of transparency. Families belong together. 

College Access for Immigrants & Refugees


Equitable and quality education is a human right. For many of us as immigrants and refugees, education symbolizes opportunity and success. Education is the reason many of us came to the United States. However, our education system has been failing our community. We need counselors and staff of color who understand our experiences and our community to held address our needs. We need to bring our families into the conversation, and greater supports for our first generation youth with college and career pathways. We need financial support because money is a huge barrier in who attends college or university. These are a few of the many issues that we want to address to ensure that immigrants and refugees have an education system that actually serves our community. 


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KAITIE DONG (she/her)

I speak English and a little bit of Spanish, and I am OneAmerica's Youth Organizer!

I attended Whitman College, where I cut my teeth on community organizing by advocating for students of color and gender equity, and graduated with a Bachelors in Politics in 2018. After my experience with advocacy and working with immigrant and refugee youth, I realized that it was more powerful and meaningful to invest in people’s leadership development so they can advocate for themselves and their loved ones.

OneAmerica has grown to be my organizing home where I have the honor and joy of working with and supporting youth to demand justice for immigrants and refugees. As our youth organizer, I support our youth council and our work to imagine and demand college access for immigrants and refugees, and keep immigrant families together.

I organize with youth at OA because I care about education and immigration rights; I believe in young people are brilliant and do have the power advance change - they deserve to be believed in and invested in; and everyone deserves a place to belong.

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