Become a Member of OneAmerica

BECOME A MEMBER of the movement to advance the principles of democracy, justice and human rights. Stand with us to build collective power to move our nation forward to ensure justice for all!

OneAmerica members are:

  • Standing up for immigrant rights and making their voices heard across Washington State
  • Meeting and connecting with their neighbors and allies in OneAmerica Base Group Communities in 11 cities across Washington State
  • Visiting elected officials and highlighting issues that are important to their community
  • Writing letters to their Members of Congress, phone banking, participating in local activism and creating their own actions, and reaching out in different languages to build momentum for the movement
  • Working with OneAmerica to develop new leaders in diverse communities. OneAmerica members and leaders are educating themselves by attending trainings and sharing their new learned skills with their community

Join today - no one can create change alone. Let's Act. Let's Organize. Let's empower one another and share stories, ideas, knowledge, creativity, and passion to make a nation with justice for all!

Become a member today!

For questions, contact Maha Jahshan, Lead Organizer

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