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Voting Power

When we vote, we show our power.

We work to build and educate a powerful immigrant voter base by registering and mobilizing people like us to vote. We meet voters where they’re at, having deep conversations about the issues that matter most and invite our community to use the power of our vote. 

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Register to Vote

Democracy is at its best when immigrants, refugees and people of color are engaged and represented at all levels by people that come from our communities and act in our interests. Voting is how we make our voices heard! Are you a U.S. Citizen who hasn’t registered to vote?

Current Work

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Protecting Voting Rights

We work to protect our right to vote by undoing racist voting systems that suppress the voice of people like us. We passed the Washington Voting Rights Act, and it’s our tool to challenge unfair election systems and replace them with fair election rules that ensure our vote counts and our voices are heard. 

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Get Out the Vote

Voting is a critical way to create the world we want to see and ensure our voices are heard. We work to create a voting base of people like us, helping register, educate and turn out voters. We run year round immigrant to immigrant deep canvassing to talk to our community about the issues that matter most. 

Our voter contact program of immigrants talking to immigrants is proven to increase voter turnout by 7%.