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Training people like us to run and win.

We work to train people like us who understand our experiences because they’ve lived them, to run, win and hold decision making power at all levels of government.

We invest in the leadership of immigrants, refugees and youth of color through our candidate training program. Partnering with People’s Action and New American Leaders, we walk prospective candidates through a multi-year program to develop the skills and base they need to run people-powered campaigns.

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Train to Run for Public Office

Are you an immigrant, refugee or person of color, who is ready to rise to leadership and use your power to advance immigrant justice? Sign up to get connected and learn more. 

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“I decided to run because I understand that we cannot rely on the goodwill of others to achieve the future we seek and deserve. We have to fight for ourselves and we have to do it together. Together we can win, make good policy, and create a government that truly serves the people. After my run in 2020, OneAmerica continued to be part of my leadership journey. Together we registered hundreds of people to vote in Tacoma. I’m proud to be part of an organization that develops immigrant and women of color leadership.”

– Sharlett Mena
Ran for State Representative for 29th LD in 2020