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We believe in community leadership and community power.

We are immigrants and refugees. Our organizers work with immigrant and refugee community members to lead our movement for immigrant power and collective change, because together, we are best equipped to create solutions and build lasting power for our communities. We organize and build leadership in immigrant and refugee communities, with allies, and at every level of government to create a just immigration system, inclusive education for all, and a truly representative democracy.

As community organizers, we identify, bring together, and train people who share values of equity, racial justice, and liberation, and a vision of the world that centers our needs. We pour into the leadership development of our leaders by working with them to identify issues, brainstorm solutions, analyze power and execute powerful actions.

We knock on doors and make calls to neighbors to make sure our communities vote and have our voices heard. We work with elected officials to create and protect policies that reflect the needs of our communities. We do what it takes to  meaningfully improve our lives and the lives of all immigrants and refugees. 

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WA Base Communities

We are a statewide organization that builds local bases of leaders in key places where we live and work—in South King County, Clark County, and Yakima County. Our movement is inclusive, multi-issue, multi-ethnic and growing. We organize as many immigrants and refugees as possible across race, ethnicity, class, gender, ability, sex, sexuality, age, and different languages.

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