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Building a Democracy Where All Voices Are Heard

We work for a democracy that includes everyone, where people like us serve at every level of government, working with our communities to lead justly and boldly towards a world where we’re all free. With voting rights under attack, we’re working to not only protect but advance our democracy by including more of us in public spaces and decision making.

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Current Work

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Protecting Voting Rights

We work with local community members to enforce the WA Voting Rights Act (WVRA), challenging local election laws that keep people like us, immigrants and communities of color, from serving on school boards, City Councils, County Commissions and other important decision making bodies that impact our lives.

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Advancing Representation for our Communities

We believe in democracy for all. Unfortunately, due to election rules meant to exclude our communities from democracy, many of us who are not US citizens are unable to run for office, vote and serve our communities. That’s why we advance campaigns to allow everyone to vote and run for office regardless of immigration status.

How We’ve Won

We won the state’s first WVRA challenge to stop voting discrimination, undoing an unfair and biased election system in Yakima County and giving Latino voters an opportunity to have their voices heard.