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Theory of

Building immigrant power in Washington State

We believe that power is not given or owned, but built when we develop leaders from our own communities to fight for our individual and collective liberation. Our work is guided by the conviction that people directly impacted should lead our movement for justice. They are best-equipped to create real solutions that build lasting power for our community.   

Grassroots immigrant leaders – our base – are at the center of our work, driving priorities across the OneAmerica family of organizations. Through leadership development, issue campaigns, policy advocacy, civic engagement, strategic communications and electoral organizing, we improve the lives of immigrants and refugees in Washington state.     

We win, not just through the changed policy, but by growing the power and resiliency of a movement that will outlive the current issues or crisis. Together, we will build our thriving home, a place where immigrants and refugees are equal, valued and loved.       

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How We Define Power

Power for us is defined as organized people, organized ideas, and organized money. 

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How We Build Power

We build power in immigrant and refugee communities by building leadership and organizing our base of grassroots leaders, mobilizing an electoral strategy and creating structural change through campaigns so that immigrants and refugees can thrive.