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Take Action

When we take action together, we create powerful change.

One of the best ways to make our powerful voices heard is contacting our legislators to support policies that will make our state and country a place where immigrants can thrive. Elected leaders represent us, so keep them accountable to what matters most to you.

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Take Action Now

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Take Action for Asylum Seekers in WA

Washington State needs to support asylum seekers as they search for safety and community. Specifically, here in Washington, hundreds of migrants and asylee-seekers have arrived at the Riverton Park United Methodist Church seeking food, shelter, and support over the past year while experiencing brutal weather, cramped living conditions, and waiting for any resettlement assistance.

WA must act to provide support for our newly arrived asylum seekers and refugees. Our Legislature has an opportunity to create a $25 million fund with the state Office of Refugee and Immigrant and Refugee Affairs within the Dept. of Social and Human Services. Will you send some pressure to our lawmakers urging them to fund these critical services for our new neighbors?


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Help Make Professional Licenses Accessible to All!

Everyone should be able to pursue their dreams. But right now, undocumented people are facing a barrier that keeps them from pursuing their dream jobs. Help us make professional licenses and certifications accessible to people regardless of immigration/citizenship status! House Bill 1889 would create more job accessibility in several fields, including some that are chronically understaffed, such as education and healthcare. More information on the bill can be found on the Legislature’s website.

This bill has made it out of the House and is now in the Senate! Help us pass this bill out of the Senate Labor and Commerce committee and take this bill over the finish line by contacting your lawmakers today.