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Take Action

When we take action together, we create powerful change.

One of the best ways to make our powerful voices heard is contacting our legislators to support policies that will make our state and country a place where immigrants can thrive. Elected leaders represent us, so keep them accountable to what matters most to you.

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Take Action Now

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Sign on in support of Our Thriving Home platform!

OneAmerica’s vision is a thriving home – a world where immigrants and refugees are equal, valued, and loved. We’ll be organizing to make this vision a reality here in Washington State.

Do you a support our vision for a thriving home? Sign our pledge today to commit to take action with us! We will share opportunities to get involved!

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Keep Families Together: Reduce ICE/CBP funding in 2023

Budgets are a moral document.

Federal budgets show that Congress values incarceration, mass surveillance and family separation over creating a fair and just immigration system. This is not right.

Send a letter today demanding that Congress stop funding programs that continue to endanger the lives of our immigrant communities.