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Take Action

When we take action together, we create powerful change.

One of the best ways to make our powerful voices heard is contacting our legislators to support policies that will make our state and country a place where immigrants can thrive. Elected leaders represent us, so keep them accountable to what matters most to you.

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Take Action Now

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Expand childcare eligibility for immigrant families!

Childcare is a vital service for Washington’s working families. Despite this, Working Connections Childcare (WCCC), a program that helps low-income families pay for childcare, can currently consider immigration states to determine eligibility.

SB 5225 prohibits the state from considering the immigration status in determining eligibility for all WCCC applicants, allowing for parents of undocumented children to participate in this critical childcare subsidy program. It has passed the Senate and is now moving to the House!

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Take action to strengthen our democracy!

Under the Washington Voting Rights Act (WVRA), OneAmerica won a key case in Yakima to force the county to improve their inequitable voting systems. This bill strengthens that law–allowing for more organizations to bring voting rights suits to their counties.

This bill passed out of the House 57-38 and will now move to the Senate! Tell your senator: WA passed the WA Voting Rights Act in 2018 and it has been a model piece of legislation across the nation. We need to strengthen the bill and HB 1048 provides key technical updates to ensure implementation is efficient and fair for all.