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Bold Policies for Transformational Change

OneAmerica is all about bold policies that push systems to serve us all. We focus on three key issue areas – a just immigration system, inclusive education for all and a democracy that reflects our communities.

Our grassroots leaders and staff drive campaigns within each issue area, developing and advocating for policies at the local, state, and federal level that serve us. Leading on campaigns is one of the key ways we grow leadership with our members and expand our movement.

We win, not just through the changed policy, but by growing the power and resiliency of a movement that will outlive the current issues or crisis

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We work to create an education and early learning system that values multilingualism, where our cultures are respected and honored, and where families have meaningful and inclusive access to opportunities to thrive.

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We work towards a vision for a just immigration system where we’re all free, one that recognizes the human right to movement and values all people and where immigrants have economic justice.

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We work for a democracy that includes everyone, where people like us serve and can vote at every level of government, working with our communities to lead justly and boldly towards a world where our government and policies center our needs.