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When immigrants and refugees vote, we show our power.

We envision a world where immigrants and refugees have the political power to thrive. Unfortunately, right now the majority of WA state’s elected leaders are too pale, male and stale, and they put their interests before ours. Too often decisions are being made about us and for us, and that needs to change.  

We work to train people like us to run for office and win, and mobilize our communities to vote. Through our sister organization, OneAmerica Votes, we work to elect pro-immigrant candidates who will govern with us for a just immigration system, inclusive education for all, and a truly representative democracy.

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Candidate Development

We work to train people like us who understand our experiences because they’ve lived them, to run, win and hold decision making power at all levels of government.

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Building Voting Power

We work to build and educate a powerful immigrant voter base in Washington state by registering and mobilizing people like us to vote.

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We work to use our electoral power, voting base and endorsements by our sister organization, OneAmerica Votes to build champions in political office and hold them accountable to making progress with our communities.