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Transforming Communities through Immigrant Inclusion

Immigrant inclusion is a dynamic, two-way process in which immigrants and the receiving society work together to build secure, vibrant, and tight-knit communities. Inclusion engages and transforms all community members, reaping shared benefits and creating a new whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Washington State has had a long history of welcoming immigrants and bringing us into the greater community. We have understood that we need to include all members of our community and foster our ability to contribute to the economy and society.

OneAmerica is leading the way in ensuring that all immigrants in Washington are respected and that we have the opportunity to share our cultures and integrate and contribute to America the best way we know how.

Irene Theresa Alex Santos And Dori Baker
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English Innovations

One of the most significant barriers facing millions of adult immigrants and refugees is learning English. Through our English Innovations program, we work to provide the opportunity for immigrants and refugees to fully participate in their communities by combining English language courses, digital literacy, and community and civic engagement. 

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Washington New Americans

Citizenship is a powerful way to improve our lives and gain access to our fundamental rights. Our Washington New Americans (WNA) program supports eligible legal permanent residents in Washington State with information and legal services to successfully become U.S. citizens, vote and get involved in issues that matter to them. 

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Our communities deserve to thrive, but far too often, people like us face barriers to entering the workforce or are unable to find meaningful, well-paying work. OneAmerica organizes people like us, immigrants and refugees directly impacted by these systems and who experience barriers to entering the workforce and advancing in it, to take action to center equity in our systems.