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WA Base

Building community power across Washington State.

We organize to build immigrant and refugee power. Our communities face different challenges and opportunities based on where we live and our identities and experiences. In places where anti-immigrant racism is well organized, we face additional barriers to justice and attacks on our humanity.

Wherever we are, we work with local communities to build power and advance just policies and a vision for our community that centers our needs. We fight to make Washington State a leader on immigrant rights, serving as a model and inspiration for other states.

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King County

King County is a reflection of the beautiful diversity and strength of our communities. We organize cross-racially and develop community leadership in SeaTac, Tukwila, Federal Way, Kent and Burien.

Our Issues

We’re working to honor our languages by expanding Dual Language classrooms that celebrate multilingualism as a strength. Knowing our communities both rely on and work in early learning and childcare, we advocate for early learning access for all and support for early learning workers. We advocate for a social safety net and unemployment system that includes everyone regardless of immigration status. We work to keep families together and free from incarceration at the hands of an out-of-control ICE agency.

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Yakima County

Latinx power is strong in Yakima, where our communities make up over 50% of the population. We fight together for our collective liberation and to ensure our communities define and shape Yakima County’s future.

Our Issues

Electing people like us is at the heart of our work in Yakima, where racist politicians have created unfair election rules that suppress our votes. We’ve challenged unfair election systems in our City and County and we won, laying the groundwork for our voices to be heard. We won’t stop until Yakima’s government reflects the community and policies that improve our lives. We also advocate for a pathway to citizenship and inclusion in our statewide social safety net that we all need to be able to live free and thrive.

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Clark County

Vancouver is an important place for our Latinx communities, and we work in a powerful coalition with other immigrant communities to make Southwest Washington a place where people like us can thrive.

Our Issues

Vancouver is a statewide center for our work to create a just immigration system, including a pathway to citizenship for our more than 11 million undocumented community members and a social safety net that includes us all, regardless of immigration status. We also work to engage voters so our community understands key issues and has influence on local policies.

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Across the state, youth engage and organize their peers to push for powerful change in their schools and communities. 

Our Issues

We organize and advocate for a just immigration system, to defund an out of control ICE agency that separates our families, increase access to college, and for an education system that values us. We shape OneAmerica’s strategic vision to represent our experiences and move creative tactics, including leading chants at rallies, creating TikTok videos about issues, organizing events, and talking to voters about issues that matter to us. 

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