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Bringing our movement to the halls of power.

We work to use our electoral power, voting base and endorsements via our sister organization, OneAmerica Votes, to build champions in political office and hold them accountable to making progress for our communities. We do this by developing a vision with our elected leaders for how we govern together and use their seat of power to advance big, bold changes to our immigration, education and democratic systems. We ask for commitments on the campaign trail and hold elected leaders accountable to follow through for our communities.

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Current Work

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Legislative Session

In our work to make Washington a place where we are welcome and can thrive, we focus on passing big, bold changes that will meaningfully impact our lives through our state legislature. We bring our grassroots leaders to meet with legislators throughout the year and at our annual lobby day, we mobilize our network to take action to support our policies, and we lead broad coalitions to win. Our goal is that Washington state becomes a model for what is possible – leading the way towards a just world.

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Our sister organization, OneAmerica Votes, works to develop and elect more pro-immigrant champions in the legislature through our endorsement process. Our grassroots leaders decide the priorities, ask tough questions, and recommend legislators who have earned our endorsement so our communities know who has our back and can fight for them to win. 

“I started as an intern at OneAmerica years ago and while there, I had the opportunity to grow as a professional, flourish in community, and truly understand my purpose. It is an honor to continue to serve my community today as a Port of Seattle Commissioner and work together with OneAmerica to build a state where immigrants and refugees can thrive.”

– Hamdi Mohamed
Port of Seattle Commissioner