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Afraid or uncertain about what our communities will face in the coming year? Now is the time for action. Help us once again to continue to enhance the work of OneAmerica. I am giving once again along with my fellow board members and so many community supporters. There is much to do going into next year!
Ever since the election, there has been an increase in hate crimes and hate speech against immigrants, Muslims, Sikhs, Middle Easterners, and LGBTQ individuals. OneAmerica was founded fifteen years ago in a similar dark moment during our country’s history, when these same groups were receiving hateful backlash after 9/11.
In that moment, and over the past fifteen years, we banded together as a community and we found the hope and strength to build a powerful movement of thousands of immigrants, refugees and allies across Washington.
As the president of OneAmerica’s Board of Directors, I am passionate about our work and committed to using this moment to protect and empower our communities. Every member of the OneAmerica board has stepped up to make an extra gift during the past month.  Will you join us?
Right now, there are three major components of the response plan that need your support:

  • A campaign that advances policies that protect our communities, advocating to keep Washington State, as well as our counties, cities, neighborhoods, and schools as safe and welcoming places for immigrants and refugees.
  • Know Your Rights trainings across the state, starting this month and continuing through 2017. These multi-lingual community workshops are designed to support immigrants and refugees to know exactly what actions to take when it comes to immigration status, keeping their families safe, responding to hate crimes, and dealing with bullying. We will also train community members to deliver Know Your Rights trainings.
  • Compiling resources for the community, to better engage immigrants, refugees, partners and allies about the current political climate and what we need to know going into the new presidential administration. We will also provide resources on administrative relief (DACA), Safety Plans, and referrals to places to report hate crimes.  

Your support in the past has brought OneAmerica to a place of strength and power, and for that, we are so thankful. Right now, we ask you to once again step up and stand with us – like my fellow board members and other community supporters – to donate and strengthen our work in 2017.
Thank you for being a member of the OneAmerica community. Let’s get to work!
With endless gratitude and in solidarity,
Fé Lopez
President, OneAmerica Board of Directors

You will be inspired by the reasons why our board and communities support OneAmerica. Read below why our board members gave extra gifts this year.

"As the gap between the haves and have nots in our society widens, it becomes even more important that the immigrant and refugee communities we serve have a voice in advocating on the many issues which affect their lives now and in the future.
I’m committed, as a volunteer, as an attorney in citizenship and immigration clinics, and through serving on the board of OneAmerica, to both being active in this work and supporting it financially."

Chris Helm, OneAmerica Board Member


We also welcome contributions through whatever method is most convenient for you. To ask a question or donate by phone: Please call Ashley Leasure, Development Director at (206) 452-8404.

OneAmerica is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please note: donations are not refundable.

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