Announcing OneAmerica’s New Executive Director: Roxana Norouzi

Effective today, we are excited to announce Roxana Norouzi as our next Executive Director! Our online event to celebrate Roxana’s new role, hear her vision for the future of OneAmerica, and share your own with OneAmerica supporters like you took place on June 8th. If you missed it, you can watch the video recording below!  

Roxana Norouzi is the child of Jewish Iranian immigrants. As a first generation American, she has a lived immigrant experience that informs her activism and place in the movement. She is the daughter, niece, and granddaughter of women who broke every limitation imposed on them. After more than 12 years organizing, advocating, legislating and fundraising with OneAmerica—and with the support and partnership of the team around her— Roxana now steps into her new role ready to lead with power and vision. As Deputy Director of OneAmerica, Roxana grew the organization’s team, infrastructure, and impact while also winning key reforms in education. She will now lead OneAmerica into its future as one of the state’s most effective immigrant rights organizations.

Over the course of a decade, outgoing Executive Director Rich Stolz transformed OneAmerica from an organization founded to fight hate and secure immigrant rights, to one focused on building immigrant power to shape the policies and institutions that impact their lives.

Rich’s strong belief in leading from behind—giving others opportunities to step into their own power—is what enabled OneAmerica to grow into one of the most effective immigrants rights groups in the nation. Having grown OneAmerica in size and focus, Rich is taking a much earned break to explore future opportunities.

Roxana’s leadership is OneAmerica’s reason for being: when we invest in young, immigrant leaders—particularly women of color—we create powerful futures and strong organizations. This long-planned transition comes at a turning point in the U.S.; it’s more important than ever to use our resilience, resistance, and power to change things together. Over the next 10 years, we will use this momentum to ensure that every person has a role in building our movement towards liberation.

When we cultivate and invest in the power of each person, particularly immigrants and people of color, we can build a world where we are all free.

If you share this vision, invest in OneAmerica’s future by supporting our Transition Fund.