Reproductive Rights are Immigrant Rights: The Supreme Court’s Summer of Injustice

Today the Supreme Court dealt yet another blow to all of us, taking away our reproductive freedom and right to choose. Because immigrant justice requires reproductive justice, this extremist decision has a major impact on our staff and leaders.

It’s important to know that here in Washington, your right to an abortion is safe. We are protected by a constitutional amendment, but in at least 26 other states reproductive freedom is at serious risk.

SCOTUS is planning a summer of injustice. They’ve taken our right to abortion, and they’re planning even more actions to harm us. They’ve already signaled threats to end marriage equality and make discrimination against people who are LGBTQ legal. Just yesterday, they chipped away at our right to safety by making it harder to pass gun safety laws. Next week we expect to see a ruling with dire impacts on the right to asylum that will harm people who are seeking safety and security from violence in their home country. This ruling will make it harder for Biden to undo Trump and the Republican’s racist, anti-immigrant policies – the first steps we need to take to create a just immigration system.

All these fights are connected, because as immigrants and people of color, we live intersectional lives. It’s time to take the power back in our streets and at the ballot box. We know that who we elect – and who controls congress and nominates judges – matters. We cannot leave our fundamental reproductive rights and freedoms – or the right to public safety, the right to asylum, and the right to live free from discrimination – to right wing extremists.

We will be rallying today at the Federal Building in downtown Seattle and invite you to join or find an event near you.

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