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Voting is the right and responsibility of every citizen in America. On Election Day, we formally express our opinions and tell elected leaders what is important to us.

OneAmerica wants to help you VOTE on Election Day. We have compiled important dates, websites, phone numbers, and voting information translated in other languages.

Voting Rights:
Know your rights as a new citizen voter!

Who Can Vote?
In order to vote, you must be a citizen of the U.S., 18 years of age or older as of the day of the election, a resident of Washington State and a registered voter.

How do I register to vote?
If you have not yet registered to vote, register by clicking OneAmerica’s link above and be sure to name OneAmerica.

How do I cast my vote?
You can vote by mailing in your ballot by election day.

Click here for a handy guide on how to cast your ballot! (Spanish) (Vietnamese) (Korean) (Chinese)

Voting by Mail
You will receive your ballot in the mail about three weeks before Election Day.

Be sure to read the instructions so you can fill out your ballot correctly. You can mail your ballot any time before the election or drop it off at the polls on Election Day. If you lose your ballot or don’t receive it, you can still vote. Go to the polls and ask for a provisional ballot.