Civic Engagement

We are all part of our communities and impacted by decisions from policymakers. Federal immigration laws, state budgets, potholes, and local bus service – all of these impact our daily lives. When you raise your voice, you impact the world around you –voting, joining public forums, marching and demonstrating, volunteering, and much more. When you get involved – working together with friends, family, and your community – you can achieve things that you couldn’t do alone.

When you speak up, OneAmerica makes sure you are heard.

We believe that building political power is core to our mission. We organize in immigrant and refugee communities across Washington State; we engage community leaders through issue campaigns and advocacy at the local, state and national level; we help legal permanent residents to naturalize and become citizens; we ensure that citizens are registered to vote, and we ensure that voters are informed on the issues that impact their lives, families and communities.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished together:

  • Registered over 23,000 Washington voters! Are you registered to vote at your current address?
  • Worked with new voters so they are informed on the issues and know how to make their vote count. Click here to find out ways to fill out your ballot so it will be sure to be counted!
  • Held trainings across the state to build skills and capacity.
  • Engaged community members in legislative action days, where the direct concerns of our communities are brought to city council members, state legislators, and other elected representatives. Do you know who your lawmaker is?
  • Hosted public forums across the state, where community members can share concerns and make sure their representatives are accountable to their concerns.

We look forward to having you join in making sure that all voices are heard in our democracy. If you want to get involved, e-mail Samara Parra at