Immigration Defense & Reform

OneAmerica is dedicated to making sure that all immigrants in Washington State have the resources and support they need to advocate for and defend themselves, especially now when immigrant communities have been under attack like never before.

Immigrant Defense & Welcoming Cities

Immigrants in America find themselves under an increasingly hostile federal administration, but local communities have been building community power and organizing to tangibly support immigrant and refugee communities. Across Washington State, leaders are standing up and organizing to affirm that immigrant and refugees are welcome, that they are making valuable contributions, and that they make communities stronger and more vibrant. Our leaders are building grassroots power and pushing our counties and cities to ensure that local law enforcement will not collaborate with federal immigration enforcement authorities, that sensitive information not be collected or shared with federal authorities, and that due process and legal rights be upheld for immigrants, refugees and all Americans.

Immigrants in detention or facing removal proceedings have the right to an attorney, but not to publicly-funded legal representation. This means many lower-income community members lack legal representation, even though have an attorney can make all the difference between deportation and being able to remain with your family. To solve this, we’re building leadership and organizing communities to advocate in cities in Washington to create Immigrant defense funds for immigrants who may not be able to afford an attorney. OneAmerica is successfully advocating for immigrant legal defense funds at the state level and in communities across Washington State.

Federal Advocacy & Coalition-Building

OneAmerica believes that Congress must act on just and humane comprehensive immigration reform, as a sensible, lasting solution to our outdated immigration system. We advocate for reform that embraces worker rights and addresses the needs of Washington’s industries, that reunites and keeps families together, that restores due process and civil liberties, and that creates a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants living in the United States.

Our federal advocacy embraces young Americans who immigrated to the United States as children and, despite growing up, living and working in the United States, do not have legal status. Some of these young Americans were granted temporary protection from deportation under an Obama-era programs called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. President Trump has ended this program, yet OneAmerica and our leaders across the state continue to fight for a permanent solution.

These young Americans, their neighbors and their families, are our nation’s future, and OneAmerica is committed to protecting and lifting up these valuable voices. Through Know-your-rights trainings, direct action, grassroots organizing and legislative action, our team is fighting every day to ensure that impacted immigrant community members, with key allies, are able to continue to live and contribute to the country they call their home.

WA Immigrant Solidarity Network Hotline

Partnering with key allies in Washington State, OneAmerica is a founding member of the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network (WAISN), a group of organizations dedicated to defending all immigrants. With immigration raids at an all-time high, we know that our community needs a safe, confidential way to report immigration raids that they witness or hear about. That’s why WAISN has rolled out Washington’s first statewide Immigration Raid Hotline.

By calling 1-844-RAID-REP and texting “join” to 253-201-2833, immigrants in Washington have a resource run for and by immigrants to spread immigration about ICE Raids, where they’re occurring, and how our community can protect itself.

We’re always fighting to defend our community members, and we’ll never stop. Sign up to stay tuned for action alerts and other opportunities to get involved![/cs_text]