We passionately believe in the right of all students to the very best education.

We believe in the right of all students to the very best education. With Washington’s demographic rapidly changing, our education systems must also change to reflect the growing diversity of our students. Together, we’re working with parents, educators and allies to make sure that all of Washington’s families have an education system that’s inclusive, responsive and meet the needs of every student.

Doing this requires parent power! We know that parents know best when it comes to their kids’ needs, and we make sure it’s the parents and students that drive our priorities. We are deeply committed to identifying the cultural and language barriers that often prevent parents from fully participating in their kids’ education, and students from having access to educational programs that are meant for everyone. Together, we’ve fought for the Washington DREAM Act, allowing all Washington students in-state college tuition, regardless of immigration status. We’ve made sure our schools honor and respect all students cultures, by introducing and passing legislation that expands Dual-Language Instruction  to dozens of Washington Schools. We’ve also launched a powerful campaign  in Washington schools to encourage parents and student to Speak Their Home Language at home – and much more!

A child’s education begins at birth, and parents know that pre-kindergarten education can be crucial to a student’s success. Our vision of a robust early learning system includes equitable access to early learning and kindergarten readiness and preparation, fair wages for childcare workers and parents of young children, and high quality, culturally responsive care and education that fully reflects the needs of all children and families. We’ve partnered with parents and allied organizations to make sure that our early education systems are inclusive and accessible.

We’re continuing to organize and agitate, and we welcome all parents to join us! Click here to sign up for e-mail updates, and be sure to drop Nimco Bulale a line at if you’re interested in getting involved!