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King County is one of the most diverse areas in America, and it is only growing more so with every passing year. At OneAmerica, we’re committed to ensuring that all residents of King County are respected and have access to the same opportunities as everyone else. Through parent organizing, civic engagement, rallies and marches, we’re fighting for an inclusive, welcoming King County for all. Here’s what we’re accomplishing together:

Parent Organizing

Our South King County Base Group consists of a strong, diverse group of immigrant mothers and fathers who are dedicated to ensuring their kids get the best education possible. These parents have organized themselves into a powerful cohort, attending school board meetings and advocating for programs such as increased language services for parents who don’t speak English as a first language and Dual-Language education programs to ensure that children of immigrant parents can carry on their cultural and linguistic traditions. Read more about how our parent leaders in King County are forming the driving force toward greater immigrant integration in King County.

Civic Engagement

We know that our voices can influence the policies and programs that govern our communities only if our elected officials hear from us and represent our interests. We’re committed to building immigrant power in King County through active civic engagement. OneAmerica has registered thousands of new voters in King County and engaged hundreds of local residents to be active in city and county politics.

Immigration Defense

While anti-immigrant forces in Washington DC are attacking immigrants, in King County, our base group has advocated for proven policies that keep all communities safe. A major victory came when the King County Sherriff’s department declared a policy to prevent local law enforcement from asking about residents’ immigration status. This crucial policy ensures that our community members can avail themselves of police protection without fear of deportation. Our team has fanned throughout the county, organizing speaking out at city council meetings until all King County, and Washington, municipalities have this policy.

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