Nestled in the heart of the Columbia River Valley, Vancouver, Washington, is home to a growing population of immigrants and refugees, reflecting the power of Washington’s changing demographics. Our communities in Vancouver are fighting to ensure that the Columbia River Valley welcomes and respects the needs of all of its residents. Along with key partners, we’re organizing and empowering Vancouver’s immigrant and refugee communities to fight for their rights in key areas including:

Defending against Deportation

At a time when immigrant communities are under attack on several fronts, knowledge can be a powerful defense. We’re holding Know Your Rights trainings in Vancouver to make sure that our communities have the knowledge and skills to protect themselves should they find themselves interacting with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. These interactions can be terrifying and knowing your rights during these situations can prevent a bad situation from becoming much worse. Hundreds of community members have attended these trainings, gained a better understanding of their rights, and walked away prepared to share this powerful knowledge with family, friends, and neighbors.

Climate Justice

Lying on the banks of the Columbia River, Vancouver is a major hub for shipping and transportation. But a proposed oil terminal, called Tesoro Savage, could have grave implications for immigrant communities. The oil trains that would go to and from that terminal travel through areas that are predominately inhabited by immigrants and refugees. These trains pose an unacceptable health and safety risk to our communities–from increased emissions threatening our children’s health to the decrease in safety caused by a possible oil train explosion. Partnering with allies like Stand Up to Oil and Climate Solutions, we’ve been organizing, attending hearings, sending letters, and doing everything we can to ensure that the voices who will be most affected by this terminal have a seat at the table when its fate is decided.

Civic Engagement

We know that our voices can influence the policies and programs that govern our communities only if our elected officials hear from us and represent our interests. We’re committed to building immigrant power in Vancouver through active civic engagement. OneAmerica has registered thousands of new voters in Vancouver and engaged hundreds of local residents to be active in city and county politics.

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