The Yakima valley is home to hundreds of thousands of immigrant families, and they form the backbone of Yakima’s agricultural economy and the region’s changing demographics. Our communities in Yakima have been fighting hard to ensure that Yakima is a welcoming community that respects and empowers all of its residents. Partnering with key allied organizations, our organizers in Yakima work to empower immigrants in important areas, including:

Civic Engagement:

We know that our voices can influence the policies and programs that govern our communities only if our elected officials hear from us and represent our interests. We’re committed to building immigrant power in Yakima through active civic engagement. OneAmerica has registered thousands of new voters in Yakima and engaged hundreds to be active in city and county politics. Our advocacy in support of the Washington Voting Rights Act, partnering with key allies like the ACLU of Washington, our communities changed the way the City of Yakima is districted, ensuring that more diverse communities get a seat at the table when laws are being devised.

Environmental Justice:

Agricultural workers form a huge part of Yakima’s economy, and a majority of those workers come from immigrant communities of color. Farm workers are too often exposed to dangerous pesticides that drift from neighboring farms during application and can result in severe health impacts. We’re working on requiring a sensible pesticide notification system that is translated into several languages, so workers can stay healthy.

Economic Justice:

Equity demands that all communities receive a fair share of government spending, but Yakima’s east side communities, where a majority of Yakima’s immigrants and Latinx live, have been under-invested in. We’re pushing for equitable investment in all of Yakima’s communities.


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