OneAmerica’s 2024 Legislative Agenda

In 2024, we will continue to build a thriving home for immigrants and refugees – where we are equal, valued, and loved – by advocating for the issues that matter to our communities!  

Washington States’ legislative session begins on January 8th and we’ll have only 60 days to ensure our legislators support pivotal policies that can make a vast difference in our lives. We hope you’re ready to act, share your story and demand more with us!  

This legislative session we’ll be fighting to*: 

  • Include undocumented workers in our statewide unemployment system by expanding access to unemployment benefits for excluded immigrant workers, regardless of immigration status (HB 1095 Rep. Walen / SB 5109 Sen. Saldaña).
  • Expand and permanently fund dual language learning programs so our languages are celebrated in schools (HB 1228 Rep. Ortiz-Self).
  • Fund critical services and programs we need, by passing a wealth tax to create a more fair tax system and ensure the wealthiest in WA pay their fair share (HB 1473 Rep. ThaiSB 5486 Sen. Frame).
  • Ensure asylees receive the support they deserve by securing $25 million in WA’s budget to the Department of Social and Health Services to allow for sub grants to community organizations supporting asylees in WA 

How can you support passing these bills?  

We have historically won pivotal programs during legislative session but only by coming together and ensuring our voices are heard in the halls of Olympia. Take action with us by:

1) Signing up below to become an action taker and receive emails in your inbox to send letters to your legislators in support of what we are fighting for. 

2024 Legislative Session Action Takers
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2) Attending our Lobby Day in Olympia on January 31. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with your legislators and share your story on why they should support the issues listed above. Register by January 18th to join us!  

We look forward to working with you to win what our immigrant communities need to thrive! 

*This is not a complete list of all the policies OneAmerica supports this legislative session.