Celebrating A Childcare Win for Immigrant Families in WA

This past 2023 legislative session we made history by passing a bill that makes childcare a possibility for thousands of immigrant families. Governor Inslee signed SB 5225 into law in May, allowing the parents of undocumented children to participate in the childcare subsidy program, Working Connections Childcare. This is a HUGE win for our communities and our state.  

Photo Of Bill Signing Sb 5225

Teresa Garcia has been a long-term leader with OneAmerica. It’s leaders like her and so many others who have built our movement at the intersection of childcare and immigrant rights to make wins like this possible. When strong leaders come together to build power, share their stories, and demand more for our communities, we can transform our reality to build a thriving home for us all. 

As Teresa shares in this video, “children deserve the best.” OneAmerica knows that to build a thriving home for immigrant children in Washington State we have to continue to develop immigrant leaders, co-govern with our electeds, and fight for the vision of what we want the world to be.  


We hear time and time again that our demands are too much and aren’t possible. But this win (one that we were told was not possible years ago) is a testament to what power-building can do!  

Never forget that you are powerful and can create great change. 

Thank you for being a part of our movement. We can’t wait to celebrate our next win with you.