OneAmerica in the News: “WA passed a ‘Voting Rights Act 2.0’ bill. Here’s what’s in it” (Crosscut)


Throughout Washington States’ 2023 Legislative Session, we fought to pass the “Voting Rights Act 2.0” bill and succeeded! This technical bill will improve the already successful Washington Voting Rights Act and increase efficiency in our voting systems. OneAmerica champions, Rep. Sharlette Mena and Senator Rebecca Saldaña were strong sponsors in both the House and Senate of this legislation.

Crosscut published an article about the importance of this win, read the full article here.

“Rubio of OneAmerica said the fear of additional litigation is a mischaracterization of motive, imagining that people who seek to remedy voting violations want to punish communities. 

The systems as they currently exist have led to a lack of representation of communities of color in local and state government positions, including school boards, city councils and the Washington Legislature, she said.

‘Our goal is not about punishment,’ she said. ‘Our goal is about ensuring that we are protecting our communities’ right to vote and we actually have the ability to move Black, brown[, Asian American and Pacific Islander] and Indigenous [people] into positions of leadership and decision-making positions in local government.'”